Frequently asked questions

Maximum Upload Size?

picu will display the maximum upload size below the “Upload / Edit images” button, when creating a new collection.

Maximum Upload Size

This number indicates the maximum size a single image file may have in order to be uploaded.

The size depends on your web server configuration and differs between hosting poviders.


When using the Brand & Customize add-on you have the option to choose between different fonts. Ideally, you should select a font, that comes close to the font you use in your own branding.

1. Use a standard font

In the current version of Brand & Customize we decided to make the most common fonts available as options to choose from. Almost everyone should be able to see these fonts. A small minority will see fall back fonts. Those are decided by the user’s browser and/or operating system.

2. Use a custom/external font

With this method you can add custom fonts, by using either Google Fonts, or Typekit.

Example, using “Ubuntu” provided by Google Fonts:

Get the embed code from Google:

Screenshot of Google Fonts embed code

Paste the code into the corresponding fields in the Brand & Customize settings:

Screenshot of external font UI in picu using Google Fonts

Example, using “Futura” provided by Typekit:

Get the embed code from Typekit:

Screenshot of Typekit embed code

Paste the code into the corresponding fields in the Brand & Customize settings:

Screenshot of external font UI in picu using Typekit


To use the Import add-on, follow these steps to get started:

  1. Check if the folder wp-content/uploads/picu/import exists on your server. If not, please create it manually.
  2. To import images, copy a folder with images into the import folder.
  3. In WordPress create a new collection. You will now see the import dialog with an option to choose the folder you just uploaded.

Disable right click

First of all: This is a bad thing to do, because it breaks basic functionality that people are used to having access to (eg. right clicking a link and opening it in a new tab).

Most photographers demand it, because they think it prevents people from downloading collection images to their hard drives. While it might deter clients that are not tech savvy, it is actually not an effective protection. Image links can always be accessed by looking at the source code, and therefor images can be accessed directly – and saved.

We added this functionality as a stand-alone plugin, because we have gotten this request a lot:
Download picu Disable Right Click (There are no settings. Activating the plugin disables right clicking on all picu collections.)

If you really want effective protection, you might want to watermark your images before uploading them. (There will be an automated solution in the future. Stay tuned!)

In the end we hope that you only deal with clients that respect you and your work and won’t steal your images.