New in picu 1.7.5

picu now remembers and suggests previously used email addresses, and the date column is much better, showing the modified date.

New in picu 1.7.0

New in picu 1.7.0: Custom email templates and styles, proof file as email attachment, custom notifications (via action hooks) and more.

Image SEO for photographers

Find out our best image SEO tips for photographers and what you need to do to optimize your WordPress site for image SEO.

Multi-Client Collections are here

With the newest release, picu version 1.6.0, it is now possible to send collections to multiple email recipients at once. We call those Multi-client collections. They are available for all picu Pro customers automatically, all you need to do is update picu and all your Pro modules to the latest versions.

Image sizes for your proofing collections

WordPress usually generates various image sizes when you upload images to the media library or directly to posts and pages (more about image sizes in this post). This is used mainly to create thumbnails and all the other sizes that are necessary to properly display images on your website. Apart from the default sizes which […]