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A picu collection

1Create collections of photographs

Easily create image collections from your photo-shoots in your WordPress admin.

Create a new collection of photos

2Send collections to your clients

Send collections to your clients via email or copy the link and send it another way.

Share collections via email

3Get approval from clients

Once the client made his/her selection, you will be informed via email. Conveniently copy the filenames to start post-production.

Collection status: approved

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Mark & Comment

Mark & Comment Icon

The Mark & Comment add-on allows your clients to give you detailed feedback on a collection by adding comments and markers to individual images.

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picu Download add-on

The Download add-on enables you to allow clients to download the collection images as a .zip file. Alternatively you can specify an external link.

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Selection Options

Selection Options Add-On

The Selection Options add-on enables you to set specific selection goals: Define an exact, minimum, maximum or a range of numbers of images your client needs to approve.

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