ShootProof vs. WordPress – Which Platform Is Better for Photographers?

ShootProof is a fantastic platform for photographers. It lets you create a photography website quickly, showcase your photos in its cohesive galleries, and even add ecommerce functionality – without any external tools! But ShootProof is not the only solution you can choose on your photography journey. You can also reach for WordPress – the largest […]

Squarespace vs. WordPress for Photographers

As a photographer looking to build your website, which should you choose – WordPress or Squarespace? WordPress is easily the most popular CMS on the planet, accounting for 64.9% of all CMS websites, and 43.1% of all sites on the internet – a staggering 810 million in total. But it’s not the only CMS, and […]

picu 2.0 is out today ✨

We are very pleased to announce the latest release of picu – Version 2.0. This update provides some exciting new features that will make your online proofing workflow faster and easier, as well as laying the groundwork for our upcoming releases! Let’s jump right in: What’s new? ⏳ Collection Expiration You can now set collections to expire automatically. […]

How to Fix the Two Most Common WordPress Image Upload Issues

When uploading a large amount of images, you might run into an issue, where some of the images fail to upload and you end up with an incomplete collection. We know that this can be incredibly frustrating, but fortunately there are two things you can try to resolve this issue.

New in picu 1.7.5

picu now remembers and suggests previously used email addresses, and the date column is much better, showing the modified date.

New in picu 1.7.0

New in picu 1.7.0: Custom email templates and styles, proof file as email attachment, custom notifications (via action hooks) and more.

Image SEO For Photographers

Unlock the secrets to boosting your photography website’s visibility with proven image SEO strategies. Learn how to enhance your images for search engines, attract more clients, and generate increased revenue with practical optimization tips.