How to change image sizes in WordPress

If you have been using WordPress for your photography website for a while, chances are that at some point you wanted or needed to change the default image sizes – Thumbnail, Medium and Large. Or maybe you are changing your theme and the new one is using different image sizes. How do image sizes work […]

👋 Hey there

First of all: We hope you and your loved ones are healthy during these weirdest of times. Like many other businesses, photographers were hit quite hard by this situation and we hope you are doing fine and were able to keep your business afloat.

Help translate picu into your language

picu has a truly international user base. We recently checked our numbers and the Pro version has so far been purchased by customers in 32 different countries, which is amazing!

Introducing picu Pro

Today we are very excited to introduce picu Pro. This new complete package allows you to get all our existing features with one single purchase for a very affordable price!

Announcing “Mark & Comment”

Our most anticipated add-on has finally reached version 1.0.0 and we are very happy to release the newest extension to the picu family into the wild today: Say Hello to Mark & Comment!

How picu emails work

Most of our support requests have been about email. In this post we try to explain how picu handles emails and steps you can take if you think something is not working.

What’s new in picu 1.2?

Earlier today we released a new version of picu which includes a few minor improvements under the hood, but also adds a new feature, we were asked for a lot. This post will get you up to date, about our latest version. We’re sure many of you will like it.