Disable Right Click

We have gotten a lot of requests to disable right clicks to access contextual menus in the browser. We thought long and hard about this one.

picu 0.9.1

Today we released version 0.9.1 of picu. First let me say thank you to everyone, that send us feedback over the last couple of weeks. This is really helpful, so keep it coming! New in 0.9.1 Redirection Before this version, after submitting his/her selection the client would see a confirmation message. From now on he/she […]

Password Protection

It has been quite some time, since we last updated you on the latest development of picu. We just hit 100+ active installs from the WordPress.org plugin repository, which is quite nice, considering we are still in „public beta“. New Feature: Password Protection With version 0.9.0, picu now officially supports password protection for your collections. […]

picu UI got a make-over & our first Add-On is coming soon

First of all, let me thank you all for your ongoing support and for all the feedback we got from you during our public beta phase. We really appreciate it! Since we launched the picu public beta in September many photographers have downloaded and tried it and the user base was growing steadily ever since. Even […]

Hello World

Welcome aboard! We’re happy you found your way here! It has been quite some time since we had the initial idea of picu and I want to tell you a little bit about the back story. Florian and I are both web professionals and have been working with WordPress for many years, designing and developing […]