Introducing picu Pro

Today we are very excited to introduce picu Pro. This new complete package allows you to get all our existing features with one single purchase for a very affordable price!

Announcing “Mark & Comment”

Our most anticipated add-on has finally reached version 1.0.0 and we are very happy to release the newest extension to the picu family into the wild today: Say Hello to Mark & Comment!

How picu emails work

Most of our support requests have been about email. In this post we try to explain how picu handles emails and steps you can take if you think something is not working.

What’s new in picu 1.2?

Earlier today we released a new version of picu which includes a few minor improvements under the hood, but also adds a new feature, we were asked for a lot. This post will get you up to date, about our latest version. We’re sure many of you will like it.

Client Proofing Workflow with picu

A walkthrough of the client proofing process with picu, and how it helps to make it as easy as possible for photographers and their clients.

Announcing “Selection Options” Add-On

We finally released our third add-on for picu. It’s called Selection Options and it gives you the option to choose exactly (or loosely) how many images your clients need to select to approve a collection. It’s a feature that a lot of you have asked for and now it is finally here.

picu Introduction

We made a quick run-through video to show you how to install and use picu.

picu Version 1.1.0

We are happy to release picu version 1.1.0 into the wild today. It is full of fixes and small enhancements, but also comes with a new client facing feature that will make selecting images even more convenient: View Filter Your clients can now filter the view to show selected or unselected images only. They can concentrate […]

picu and the WordPress Media Library

picu images do not show up in the media library in the WordPress admin. This is by design: We wanted to strictly separate the images that you use in a picu collection from the images you use on your website, thereby keeping you from accidentally using an image from a collection in a blog post or in your portfolio.