It has been quite some time, since we last updated you on the latest development of picu. We just hit 100+ active installs from the plugin repository, which is quite nice, considering we are still in „public beta“.

New Feature: Password Protection
With version 0.9.0, picu now officially supports password protection for your collections. This is a feature request we have gotten a lot over the last couple of weeks and we are looking forward to you giving it a try. Download the new version here and let us know what you think.

Add-Ons Are Coming
Alongside the continuous development of picu, we are also working hard on our first premium add-ons, which will enhance the feature set of picu even further.

The first add-on, which will be released very soon, is called „Brand & Customize“. It let’s you adjust the design of your collection to fit your branding. To make sure we build exactly the features that make your work easier, we are constantly looking for people who would like to take our beta versions for a test drive. So, if you’re interested in giving constructive feedback, get in touch with us.

Feedback? Questions? Send us an email.