We have gotten a lot of requests to disable right clicks to access contextual menus in the browser. We thought long and hard about this one.

In our FAQs we explain, why this is a bad idea and that it does not really serve the purpose, that almost everyone who is demanding it, wants it to – protecting images from being downloaded. (It might very well be, depending on the technical proficiency of you clients.)

It is an interesting question and worth discussing: to implement or not implement a feature that is bad practice, but has very popular demand regardless.

In the end we chose not to implement it directly into our core plugin, but to release it as a stand-alone plugin, which just works on picu collections.

Download picu Disable Right Click (see below)
(There are no settings. Installing and activating the plugin disables right clicking on all picu collections.)

At the same time we hope we can educate people, that this is not a real solution.

Adding a watermark to your images does a much better job to prevent people from illegally using your images.

We will offer an automatic solution for that in the near future. (Subscribe to our newsletter below to get notified.)

In a perfect world a photographer would only deal with clients that respect his/her work and that would gladly pay for images they commissioned and the value they get out of those pictures.

UPDATE April 2019: The functionality to disable right clicks, together with more protection features like image watermarking and hotlink-prevention, will be released as a part of picu Pro very soon: Theft Protection.

Update September 2023: The standalone plugin is no longer available, because of compatibility issues. Please check out our Pro plugin, if you want to disable right clicks in your collections.

As always, we would love your feedback.

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