First of all, let me thank you all for your ongoing support and for all the feedback we got from you during our public beta phase. We really appreciate it!

Since we launched the picu public beta in September many photographers have downloaded and tried it and the user base was growing steadily ever since. Even more important, we got a ton of feedback and ideas on how to improve picu to make a photographers life easier.

New Improved UI in the picu backend

New picu back end ui

As we were working on some new features, we felt that the back end UI of picu was not quite where we wanted it to be.

First, the Email Workflow on the right hand side never really *felt* like sending an email. Also, WordPress itself doesn’t use the box on the right for „content“ but rather for post-settings and publish actions. We moved the email fields to the left inside „Sharing Options“ and use the box on the right solely to display the collection’s status and infos as well as for actions (and soon additional settings).

Second, not everyone wants to send an email right from the backend, but instead would like to copy the link and send it another way. With the new version we added that possibility as a second sharing option.

Brand & Customize Add-On available soon

At the same time we are working on our first premium add-on for picu, which will give you the ability to add your custom branding to your collections. Add your logo, adjust the primary color and choose from different fonts to reflect your personal brand on the client facing front-end.

The Brand & Customize Add-On is being tested by a few photographers right now and will be released very soon, so stay tuned!

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As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

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