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How to import images

To use the Import add-on, follow these steps to get started:

  1. Check if the folder wp-content/uploads/picu/import exists on your server. If not, please create it manually.
  2. To import images, copy a folder with images into the import folder.
  3. In your WordPress Admin, create a new collection. You will now see the import dialog with an option to choose the folder you just uploaded.

Some files could not be imported

This means, that the import folder you selected contained files, that could not be imported. picu can only import image files, such as .gif, .jpg or .png.

Resume Import

If your connection was interrupted or you unintentionally navigated to another page during import, you will be able to continue right where you left off. Just click on “Resume Previous Import”.

picu Import Addon: Resume previous import

The source folder could not be deleted

Please use FTP/SSH to check, if the folder you just imported is empty. picu can’t delete a folder if it is not empty. Maybe there are files in the folder that could not be imported, see above.

Still having issues?

In your WordPress Admin go to picu > Settings > Debug Info and copy the contents of theis and your questions to support@picu.io.