💡 We made a video to show you how switch to the new Pro plugin.

Why are you switching to one Pro plugin?

Having to install and update only one pro plugin makes it much easier for you to use picu Pro. For us, working on a single plugin will allow us to spend more time creating new features and less time making all modules compatible with one another. This means a more rapid pace for updates and less compatibility issues.

What happens to my picu Pro license?

Your license stays exactly the same. The activation process transfers your license from the old modules to the new plugin. In your WordPress Admin go to “picu > picu Pro” to see your license status.

What happens to my existing collections?

No worries: Everything will stay exactly the same and will work just like with the previous, individual Pro modules.

Why do I have to delete the old Pro modules?

You have to deactivate the old Pro modules to run the new Pro plugin, because they implement exactly the same functionality and therefore cannot be active at the same time. The new Pro plugin provides the exact same features as all of the previous modules combined, so you won’t miss anything. Also, deleting unused plugins is best practice to avoid security and other issues.

How long can I keep using the old Pro modules?

We will support the old modules until September 30th, 2023. After that we will not release any updates and they might not be compatible with newer version of picu (Core) or WordPress released after that date. We encourage you to update to the new Pro plugin as soon as possible.

Where can I get the new Pro plugin?

Go to your account page and navigate to Downloads. This video shows how to install the Pro plugin. We made an additional video to show you how to upgrade from the previous Pro modules to the new plugin.

If you have an questions, please get in touch.

Still having issues?

In your WordPress Admin go to picu > Settings > Debug Info and send the contents of this page and your questions to support@picu.io.