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Brand & Customize

The Brand & Customize add-on enables you to customize the overall appearance of your collections. Add your logo, adjust the color scheme and select a font that fits your brand and corporate identity.


  • Add your logo to collections.
  • Show/hide the blog title.
  • Custom typefaces: Choose from five different fonts or add external fonts from Typekit or Google Fonts.
  • In the free version of picu you can already choose between a “light” or “dark” base theme. With the Brand & Customize add-on you can also set the primary color, which is used to highlight selected images and buttons.
  • Define the composition of image titles that the client sees: Use the file name and/or choose from meta data values, eg. aperture or ISO.
  • Choose between three different thumbnail sizes.
  • Define and URL where the client is forwarded to after sending his/her selection.
  • Change a default email message text.


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