Today we are very excited to introduce picu Pro. This new complete package allows you to get all our existing features with one single purchase for a very affordable price!

When you purchase picu Pro, you immediately get access to all our Pro modules and receive one license key that you can use to activate all of them.

Many of our customers have been asking for a complete package like this, with simple pricing for quite some time now. We believe this is the best way to move forward and provide as much value as possible for a fair price.

Speaking of pricing, the price for picu Pro – all modules included – is going to be $149. But we start with an introductory price of $99 for a limited time period, at least until our next module is released! This means that there has never been a better time than now to upgrade your online photo proofing workflow!

Of course, we will also provide an attractive upgrade path for purchases from the past 6 months. In that case you only need to pay the difference. If you spent more than $99 in our store in the past 6 months, we will upgrade your license to picu Pro free of charge! Simple as that.

picu Pro modules include:

But, there’s more to come: At the moment we are working on a new pro module Theft Protection, which will help to prevent image theft, as well as many improvements to our existing pro modules. But more on that in another blogpost.

For now, check out picu Pro here, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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