Your Branding is essential to your business. Add your own logo, adjust colors, and even use Google or Adobe (Typekit) Fonts to make picu your own.

Custom Logo

Upload your own Logo and adjust the colors on the collections your clients get to see, to match your branding.

Google & Adobe (Typekit) Fonts

Choose from five different fonts or add external fonts from Adobe (Typekit) or Google Fonts.

Adjust Layout

Make the collection layouts your own by choosing from three different thumbnail sizes, decide to show/hide the website title and more.

Show/hide filenames

Choose to show or hide the numbering, filenames or display other meta data below each image.

Save multiple email message templates

You can save multiple message templates and select the right one, when sending a collection to your client via email. You can set one of them as the default.

Decide what happens, after a collection has been approved

Set the time to redirect, or disable redirection. Set a custom message, your client sees, after he/she approved a collection. Set a target url, where your client is redirected to, after approving a collection.


Excluding 8.1% tax

Single site license. Renews annually. You may cancel your subscription at any time. View terms