If you work in a team, it’s quite possible that more than one person has access to your website. By default, only administrators have access to picu proofing collections.

But chances are that the person who manages your client proofing are not also administrators to your website, and so you would like to change who’s got access to picu and the proofing galleries. Luckily, there’s an easy way to change this, using a filter.

WordPress provides some default user roles, each of which has their own capabilities, which you can find here in the WordPress Handbook.

As said, by default we restrict access to proofing collections to site administrators (or, everyone with the capability: “manage_options“). If you would like to change this to – let’s say – the editor user role (capability: “edit_posts“), you can do so like this:

function my_picu_custom_capability() {
    return 'edit_posts';
add_filter( 'picu_capability', 'my_picu_custom_capability' );

IMPORTANT: Make sure to add this code to a custom plugin, or by using the code snippets plugin, to make sure the changes don’t get overwritten by future theme updates.

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