Release notes for picu version 0.9.4.

Collection Duplication

You can now duplicate collections!

Either use the “Duplicate” link when hovering over a collection in the collection overview or the “Duplicate” button on the collection edit screen:

picu duplication

This allows you to re-use a collection, eg. to send it to more than one client – without the need to upload the images again.

picu Emails

We changed the from address to no-reply@your-blogs-domain.tld. This is to reduce the risk of being targeted as spam by the client’s email server.

XML Sitemaps and SEO

We made sure your picu collections do not show up in Yoast SEO’s XML sitemaps.

Still, if you use any (other) SEO plugin, make sure to exclude picu collections from XML sitemaps and/or other “optimizations”.

For picu collections these optimizations don’t make any sense, as they are not meant to be viewed or found by everyone. Exclusion from sitemaps makes sure they stay private and do not show up in search results.

To be sure, you can – of course – always use password protection to secure your collections.

Internal Changes

We made some internal changes on how we save certain data.

We know of one issue where the collection sent date would show up as January 1st 1970. This issue does only affect collections you created before version 0.9.4.

We are also hard at work to make sure picu runs smoothly with our upcoming add-ons – which will be officially released next month.

picu in different languages

We recently switched the way translations work in picu. Instead of shipping language packs with the plugin, we now harness the power of to host translations.

And you can help: If you speak another language than English, we would very much appreciate you helping us to translate picu.

You just need a account to get started. After logging into, go to, select your language and start adding suggestions.

Once we have reached a certain amount of translations, we will contact a so called translation editor, who will then review your suggestions and make them available for everyone.

Translations will then automatically download, when you install picu.

Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback.

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