Photographers love picuThis is what some of them said

It changed the relationship with my clients
I’ve been using the plugin since 2018 and I recommend it. Simple to use for us and for our client, it saves time in exchanging emails to choose images or corrections.

Ivo TavaresIvo Tavares Studio, Aveiro, Portugal

Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Easy, lightweight, fast. Great support with an open ear to suggestions and improvements. Looking forward to future updates.

Martin BissigProfessional Photographer, Zug, Switzerland

This does what’s needed and not more, which means it creates a simple and easy workflow for proofing. Fantastic! In addition it has a support team behind!

Philippe WigetProfessional Photographer, Zurich, Switzerland

Thanks for always being so responsive and for continuing to develop a great product. It’s truly transformed my business and saved me countless hours.

David G.Appeal Photography, LLC, Washington, DC, USA

Such a great, lightweight plugin that has sped up our proofing workflow immensely. Support is brilliant, we use twitter to communicate with the PICU team and there are awesome. Keep up the good work.