When will it be available?

The release of picu 2.0 is planned for October 23rd 2023.


Starting with picu version 2.0.0, the old Pro modules are no longer compatible.

To use the Pro features you need the (singular) Pro plugin introduced back in June 2023. We have more information about making the switch here. (We promise, we made it very easy to upgrade!)

As a Pro subscriber you can download the Pro plugin here.

New features

picu 2.0 introduces a couple of new features and also contains a major redesign of the settings pages.

  • Expiring collections
  • Email reminders
  • Password protected collections by default
  • New tools section to switch between image processors
  • Redesigned settings

Much more important: We did lots of work under the hood, that will allow us to work on new features much faster in the future. (Updating our email system was the first step in this process.)


If you updated to picu 2.0 by accident and need to downgrade to a previous version, you can do that using the WP Rollback plugin.

Still having issues?

In your WordPress Admin go to picu > Settings > Debug Info and send the contents of this page and your questions to support@picu.io.