Every so often, this question pops up in our support requests:

How do you add tracking or analytics code to picu collections to track your online proofing galleries?

Until we introduce some form of analytics of our own, right inside picu, you can use the following filter to add your own tracking JS code to picu collections. This way, you can add Google Analytics, Matomo or whatever tracking solution you have set up already to get some basic numbers about the usage of your clients on your collections.

First, you need to get the JS code from your analytics solution, same as you would if you add it manually to any other page.

Next use this filter to output it on all picu collections:

function my_picu_custom_scripts( $custom_scripts ) {
    $custom_scripts .= '[YOUR ANALYTICS JS CODE]';

    return $custom_scripts;

add_filter( 'picu_custom_scripts', 'my_picu_custom_scripts' );

IMPORTANT: Make sure to add this code inside a custom plugin, or by using the Code Snippets plugin, to make sure the changes don’t get overwritten by future theme updates.

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