picu images do not show up in the media library in the WordPress admin.

This is by design: We wanted to strictly separate the images that you use in a picu collection from the images you use on your website, thereby keeping you from accidentally using an image from a collection in a blog post or in your portfolio.

The media library would get completely crammed und confusing having hundreds or in some cases thousands of (temporary) images in there.

picu also cleans up behind itself: When you delete a collection, all images are deleted from the server automatically. (You can see how using an image elsewhere on the site would become a problem here.)

But we also recognize that some of you have a workflow that requires collection images to be present in the media library and/or want to add images from the media library to a collection. That is why with an upcoming version there will be an easy way to show collection images in the media library. We have no specific date, when this will become available, but we hope that it will make picu even more useful for some of you.

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