Earlier today we released picu 2.3.0 and picu Pro 1.4.0 and they contain some pretty significant improvements on how you can send out your collections going forward and it will be easier than ever to collect feedback from multiple clients.

Here’s what’s new:

  • You can now share the collection link with multiple clients and they can even forward the link to colleagues or third parties. (Pro)
  • Each client will then be asked to identify themselves before making a selection, so you know exactly who selected which images. (Pro)
  • Also, collections no longer close automatically after the last person approved their selection. Instead you can now manually close a collection – or just use picu’s expiration feature to have it close after a set amount of time.

We think that these changes will make your approval workflow much more flexible and we are excited for you to try the new and improved collection sharing.

But wait, there is much more!

New and improved collection overview:

  • The status has been simplified between „open“ and „closed“
  • New “Clients” column that shows the status of each client
  • The “Images” column is back! (It shows the number of images in the collection)
  • You can now download the proof file at any time and it will reflect the current state of selections

Updated collection status box, that shows the status and the most important information about the collection in one central place:

Optional collection history box, which gives you a detailed look at what is happening with your collection:

For a full list of everything that’s new and improved, visit our changelog.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touchWe’re always here to help!

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