We are very pleased to announce the latest release of picu – Version 2.0.

This update provides some exciting new features that will make your online proofing workflow faster and easier, as well as laying the groundwork for our upcoming releases!

Let’s jump right in: What’s new?

⏳ Collection Expiration

You can now set collections to expire automatically. The default expiration time is 30 days (which can be adjusted using a filter) and you can decide for each collection if it should expire or not.

Expiring collections will be available to everyone for free. For our Pro customers we will have an update very soon, that will provide extended functionality such as choosing the exact date/time when a collection expires and more.

✉️ Reminder Emails

picu can now send automatic reminder emails, if one of your clients has started selecting images but has not yet made the final approval.

This will come in handy especially for photographers, who have a lot of open collections at the same time, waiting for feedback. With automatic reminders, you don’t have to worry about clients forgetting to submit their approval and we hope this makes your workflow easier.

🔐 Automatic Passwords

If you are using passwords for all of your collections, this next one is a great time saver: With this new setting picu will automatically set a random password for each new collection.

🎛️ Refreshed Settings

Speaking of settings: We completely overhauled the settings pages. They now have a more modern look and feel and we reordered the individual settings into more meaningful categories.

This makes it much easier to find what your looking for and to configure picu to your exact needs.

🆕 Breaking Compatibility

picu 2.0 is the final update in a series of “under the hood” updates, overhauling the foundation that picu is built on. This was necessary in part because we merged the old, individual Pro modules into one plugin, but also to make picu ready for future development.

These changes also mean that starting from picu 2.0, only the new picu Pro plugin (version 1.1+) will be compatible going forward, whereas the old, individual pro modules are no longer supported. We have gathered all the information about this here.

The next releases – which are already on their way – will focus solely on new features.

🚀 What about Pro?

We also released picu Pro 1.1, which is a compatibility update to go in hand with picu 2.0. If you are still using one of the old, individual pro modules, now is the time to make the switch to the new picu Pro plugin.

The next release will add the capability of having multiple recipients for a collection without the need to use picu’s built-in email function. It set to be released in November.

🤗 Thanks for sharing your usage data with us!

Many of you already activated picu telemetry and we will share some of our findings in the near future.To reiterate, why this data is important to us:

Real world picu usage data will help us to make informed decisions about future development; we made sure to protect and anonymize your usage data.

If you haven’t done so already, please consider activating telemetry in your picu settings. You can read more about it on our website.

As always: If you have feedback/questions or need assistance, get in touch.

Feedback? Questions? Send us an email.