👋 Say hello to picu 1.7.5!

Here’s what is new:

picu now suggests previously used email addresses

Starting in picu 1.7.5, whenever you send a collection via email, picu will remember the address(es), and suggest them to you, when you create a new collection.

It will also list the most used addresses at the top. ✨

🤓 The feature looks a bit different depending on your browser as it relies on the native datalist element

If you do not want to use this feature, there are filters in place to disabled it. There is also a filter to customize the contents of the email history list.

A more meaningful date column

In the collection overview, the date column is now the “Last Modified” column. This change makes it much more useful, reflecting status changes and ordering collections by the modified date.

The new date column shows the last modified date and the last event, eg. “Approved” or “Sent”

These changes are available in the free version starting today.

Download or update to picu 1.7.5 to see them in action.

As always: If you have any questions and/or feedback don’t hesitate to contact us.

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