We are pretty stoked, to finally release picu verison 1.7.0.

Here’s what is new:

Custom email templates and styles

It is now possible to completely customize all of the emails picu sends out – the only prerequisite is that you are comfortable with editing a little bit of HTML & CSS. You can change existing templates and styles, and you can also make your own!

We created an example that shows you how to add a custom footer, containing a profile images and social media links, to your picu emails:

Custom email footer with phone number and social media links

Have a look our custom email footer snippet to get started.

Proof file as email attachment

Now the proof text file is automatically attached to the approval email, so you have the selection right in your inbox.

Custom Notifications

We have also added a couple of action hooks at various places that you can use to trigger actions – and emails. With those, for example, it is now possible to send out an email, each time a comment is made to an individual image (using our Mark & Comment module). Another application would be to send out a thank-you email after the client has submitted their selection.

We hope you like the update and we are looking forward to see what you do with those new possibilities!

As always: If you have any questions and/or feedback don’t hesitate to contact us.

Feedback? Questions? Send us an email.