We just released picu version 1.6.5 and it comes with a bunch of new customization options.

Four new filters to customize picu even further

We added four new filters/action hooks that allow customization in various areas of the proofing process.

  1. picu_cpt_collection_args allows you to adjust the custom post type arguments. An example usage would be to add author support for picu collections. (Please be extra careful when using this filter and check out all of the available post type parameters in the WordPress Code Reference, before making any changes.)
  2. By using the picu_before_collection_images action hook, you are able to display custom elements/content above the images in a collection. An example would be to give your clients additional information about the selection process. You can find a more dynamic example of this feature here.
  3. With the picu_approval_heading filter you can change the headline for the approval modal.
  4. And finally, with the picu_approval_button_text filter you can change the text of the send selection button.
Approval form with custom headline and button text

Custom approval forms are here

New in Brand & Customize version 1.6.0 is the possibility to create a custom form for when your clients approve their collections.

By default there is a simple textfield to leave a comment (see the image above). Now it is possible to create intricate forms to request additional information from your clients.

Custom approval from with address fields

Responses will be displayed on the collection edit screen and will also be added to the proofing text files (introduced in picu 1.5.0).

Custom approval form results in the WordPress Admin

Please check our documentation for all of the possible field options.

If you have any questions about the new filters, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope you like these new features. Have a look at our roadmap to see what’s coming next.

Feedback? Questions? Send us an email.