With the newest release, picu version 1.6.0, it is now possible to send collections to multiple email recipients at once. We call those Multi-client collections. They are available for all picu Pro customers automatically, all you need to do is update picu and all your Pro modules to the latest versions.

Here’s what’s new:

Multi-Client Support

You can now send your collections to multiple recipients and each recipient will be able to make their own selection.

With picu 1.6.0 you can now enter multiple email addresses

You can find more information about how multi-client collections work in our FAQ.

New Approved Screen

Not long ago we overhauled the approved view to make the most important information available as fast as possible. With this release we streamlined the UI even further to make everything work perfectly with our new multi-client collections.

You can now copy not just the approved filenames, but the copy button is directly integrated with the filter function on the left, so you can choose exactly which filenames you want to retrieve.

Changing the filter will change which filenames will be copied to the clipboard

Also, we integrated the “Download Proof” button right into the overview, so you have quick access to the archival file without having to open a collection.

You can now download the proof text file right from the collection overview

Making multi-client collections possible was one of the more involved undertakings, because it touches a lot of the core functionalities of picu. That’s why it took us a while, but we think, you will like how it turned out and we are looking forward to your feedback!

We won’t stop there though: Next will be an overhaul of our email system, which will allow for more fine-grain controls over the emails being sent – and will even allow you to customize the email templates.

The Road to picu 2.0

This is the first step towards picu Pro 2.0, which will be available as one singular plugin – not several Pro modules as we offer them today.

Technically, the separate plugins are a relict of the past, and consolidating them into one plugin will remove a lot of redundant code and make development of new features much easier and faster.

But do not worry: All the features you already know and use, will remain the same – or get better, and new ones will be added, you just won’t have to install multiple plugins, just one.

For existing Pro customers, this will be a free upgrade!

If you want to see what features we are working on next, take a look at our roadmap.

And as always, if you want to suggest new features we are always listening.

Feedback? Questions? Send us an email.