We launched a new little blog – picu Dev Log – where we share some more of what’s going on behind the scenes at picu and some of the ideas we are working on.

Screenshot of our new blog – picu Dev Log – where we share some rough ideas and behind the scenes of picu.

Basically, we always wanted to share some more of what we are working on, or push out some rough ideas even before we fully thought them through. Social Media sometimes is a good way to do that and quickly gather feedback, but we also wanted to have a record of those entries somewhere independent. On the other hand, using this very blog here felt too “official” for those quick and dirty ideas and we wanted to keep the barrier to post as low as possible.

Some discussions we had, during our time at WordCamp Europe in Torino last week, lead us to the decision that we want to share stuff much more openly and transparently. And then it clicked and Florian came up with and launched the picu Dev Log in a morning without too much overthinking.

To get you an idea of what to expect over there, here’s an overview of what we posted already:

We might crosspost or summarize some of the things on here, from time to time. But if you are interested in the development of picu and/or some of our thinking and decisions behind it, head over to the picu Dev Log to read more.

Please let us know what you think!

Open picu Dev Log

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