picu has a truly international user base. We recently checked our numbers and the Pro version has so far been purchased by customers in 32 different countries, which is amazing!

  • aeUnited Arab Emirates
  • atAustria
  • auAustralia
  • beBelgium
  • bhBahrain
  • brBrazil
  • caCanada
  • chSwitzerland
  • czCzechia
  • deGermany
  • dkDenmark
  • doDominican Republic
  • esSpain
  • frFrance
  • gbUnited Kingdom
  • gpGuadeloupe
  • grGreece
  • hkHong Kong SAR China
  • huHungary
  • idIndonesia
  • ieIreland
  • ilIsrael
  • inIndia
  • itItaly
  • jpJapan
  • krSouth Korea
  • ltLithuania
  • lvLatvia
  • mxMexico
  • myMalaysia
  • nlNetherlands
  • noNorway
  • plPoland
  • psPalestinian Territories
  • ptPortugal
  • roRomania
  • ruRussia
  • seSweden
  • sgSingapore
  • skSlovakia
  • tnTunisia
  • trTurkey
  • usUnited States
  • vnVietnam
  • zaSouth Africa

This also means, that localization of picu is extremely important.

That is why we have recently added a system for translation downloads for our Pro modules. This means that you will receive the latest translation-updates automatically – without the need to update the module itself – just like you are used to from themes and plugins from WordPress.org!

The benefits of the WordPress.org repository

The free version of picu, which is available from the WordPress.org plugin repository, has already been translated into many different languages.

Hosting it on WordPress.org means that translations can be contributed publicly, by everyone. The only thing you need is a WordPress.org account and you are ready to translate picu into your own language – either improving on existing translations or creating new ones.

We added support for translations on WordPress.org back in June 2016, with the release of version 0.9.3.

Here is how you can contribute:

  1. You can see the status of translations in all languages here
  2. Click on the language you want to contribute translations to
  3. Click “Development (trunk)”
  4. Click on “Untranslated”
  5. Double click on a string to add a translation

Please note, that a translation will first be saved as a suggestion. This means that when you add it, the status will be set to “waiting”, until a so called translation editor will approve it. This system is in place to ensure that the quality of translations is as high as possible.

If you feel like you have enough experience in translating picu into your language, and would like to take on that role, we would love to get you on board as a Project Translation Editor (PTE) for picu. This means that you would have the rights to approve and change translations for your language, without the need for someone else’s approval.

Every language team has a slightly different approach concerning the guidelines to promote someone to PTE.

Please drop us a line, if you are interested and we are glad to assist you!

Hello translate.picu.io

For our Pro modules we have recently set up our own system: translate.picu.io.

It works pretty much the same way as described above.

Like with our free version, we rely on our customers to help us translate the Pro modules into various languages.

Translate picu Pro → get a free license!

Maybe you have already translated one or more of our modules – or parts of them – into your language using a plugin like Loco Translate? If so: Awesome – because there is a way to import those translations into our system, so that others can benefit from your work as well!

Contact us if you are interested, so we can create an account for you.

Speaking of benefits, your effort will not be for nothing: If we decide to make you translation editor for our Pro modules, apart from our everlasting gratitude, you will receive a free picu Pro license/subscription for as long as you keep the translation up to date.

If that sounds interesting to you and you have some experience in plugin translations, please get in touch.

We are determined to make picu available in as many languages as possible. With translate.picu.io we have made an important step towards that goal.

Please consider becoming a translation editor for picu and/or for picu Pro.

And as always: If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Feedback? Questions? Send us an email.